If you are new to Mikash Skincare here’s our 

Step-by-Step guide to using our skincare products 

So starting with the thinnest product and ending with the thickest products.

  1. First cleanse: This could be a oil/ based or a lotion based cleanser
  2. Second cleanse: Gel cleanser 
  3. Exfoliant (Facial exfoliation 2-3 times a week)
  4. Face Toner
  5. Serum 
  6. Moisturiser/ (Moisturiser with SPF during AM)
  7. Face oil

The general rule is to wait at least 10-30 seconds in-between each skincare step. 

Cleanse for 30-60 seconds and rinsing off with cold or luke warm water.

Apply serums / Moisturisers in an upward motion starting from face down to neck

Always include your décolletage & neck with your skincare routine. 

Mikash Skincare routine 

AM routine:

Splash face with water, rose Otto mist, vit c serum, moisturiser & radiant face oil (optional).

PM routine:

cleanse, exfoliate (every 2-3 days), rose Otto mist, retinol night repair moisturiser & radiant face oil.