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100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase 19mm


Introducing to you all our very first Silk pillowcases. 
I have searched high and low to have the most incredible quality of pure Mulberry silk. 
I have been sleeping on a silk pillow case for so many years now and I must admit my silky shiny hair and skin loves it. Not only that, I find that when I wake up my face still feels hydrated and I wake up crease-free. 
So why Silk pillowcase? 
Well the answers are endless but here’s some information I’ll list below for you to read. 

No Friction, Tugging, or Pulling

Cotton creates friction between your face and the pillow, which causes face creases that turn into permanent wrinkles. Silk lets your face slide and glide effortlessly across the pillow as you sleep. There’s none of that tugging, dragging, or pulling like you’d get with cotton. 

The smooth, tight weave of natural silk fabric keeps moisture close to your skin, and will leave your face feeling more hydrated than sleeping with cotton or polyester fibres. Naturally hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer lines and wrinkles, meaning you’ll wake up looking and feeling radiant. As silk doesn't absorb moisture, you can rest easy knowing your facial moisturiser/ oil before bed won't come off.

Silk contains a natural protein and a number of amino acids, and recent studies indicate these can make your facial lines and wrinkles appear smoother and less noticeable, as it relaxes the nervous system. Additionally, silk also contains natural chemicals which speed up the metabolism of your skin. This mean your skin cells develop and repair more quickly than normal when sleeping with silk. 

Silk can help ease flakey, dry or itchy skin. It is a great solution for eczema sufferers or if you have sensitive, easily-irritated skin (As a eczema sufferer this really relates to me).

Say Goodbye 👋🏼 to bad bed head 

Cotton can dry out your hair, and cause it to knot and frizz. Silk pillowcases provide significant benefits for the health of your hair, keeping it naturally soft, moisturised and tangle-free. Firstly, silk doesn’t absorb moisture, however it does wick moisture to ensure the excess moisture in your hair is removed, and also taking grease away from your body. This ensures your hair remains dry and with reduced grease in the morning.

The anti-static qualities in the silk fabric can also prevent your hair from knotting. 

contains 1 standard  silk pillow case 19mm (momme) 

care instructions:

Care instructions: wash prior to first use. Turn inside out prior to washing. Launder whites, prints and colours separately. warm hand or gentle machine wash in liquid detergent at 40° do not bleach, do not rub, soak or ring reduce spin remove promptly after cycle has finished line dry in shade or tumble dry on low if desired press with a warm iron. dry cleanable.



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