Hibiscus & Clay Facial Cleansing Grains
Hibiscus & Clay Facial Cleansing Grains
Hibiscus & Clay Facial Cleansing Grains
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Hibiscus & Clay Facial Cleansing Grains

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Specially formulated to gently cleanse skin, remove dead skin cells, and tighten skin pores. This soap-free facial cleansing grains is a 100% natural way to beautify and exfoliate your skin without harsh cleansers or fragrances, leaves your face feeling fresh and clean.

The moment you try our Hibiscus & Clay Facial Cleansing Grains you will kiss your old face cleansers goodbye! Great for acne prone skin, these little grains go deep to cleanse pores while nourishing the skin's exterior. 

Daily facial cleansing grains helps to gently remove dead skin cells, helping to clear your pores without destroying the balance of your skin’s oils. Daily gentle exfoliation helps to reduce and minimize wrinkles and fine lines. #beautyblog


*Bentonite clay, *kaolin clay, *activated charcoal, *flaxseed, *ground oats, *hibiscus, *lavender & *marshmallow root
(* certified organic ingredients)

Cleanser + Exfoliator: combine 2 tsp of cleansing grains with a bit of water to form a paste and massage onto wet skin, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Our cleansing grains are gentle enough for everyday use.

keep cleansing grains jar away from water, they can easily grow mold and bacteria. Keep out of direct sunlight. Only use a wooden spoon.


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