What is the difference between a Face Oil & Serum ?

             what is the difference between a face oil and serum

Face Oil vs Serum 

People often ask me what is the difference and if they need both, the short answer is YES! but first lets dive deep into what the difference is between the two. 


What is a serum?

Serums are concentrated and most of the time they'll contains actives, its lightweight and usually will be more of a gel-water based product.

Serums are absorbed quicker into the dermis layer of your skin which makes them extremely effective. Serums are well known for treating specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, dark spots, aging, evening out skin tone and texture.

Serums are great for all skin types. Our Vitamin C serum is a high potent serum that works extremely well with a high 20% concentration 

Typically you would apply a serum after you have cleansed your skin then apply your hydrators such as SPF, moisturiser & facial oil. 

What is a face oil?

 Facial oils are oil based liquid products, containing natural plant oils to help nourish and hydrate the skin. When looking for a face oil make sure that the ingredients don't contain any comedogenic oils as it can block your pores. Thats why I've created the Radiant Face oil  its worked wonders for thousands Australia wide. Mikash Skincare is one of the best natural skincare products.

A facial oil is great to boost hydration by sealing in moisture and helps support your skins natural barrier.

Face oils have larger molecules than serums do so it will penetrate only on the surface keeping skin happy & healthy with a luscious glow 

A facial oil is used last in with your skincare routine, sealing in the goodness!


You can use a serum and face oil together in with your skincare routine but in the correct order, I've written up a step by step skincare guide you can read here  

I hope you enjoyed reading this mini blog post and I hope it has cleared any confusion between the two products :)


Yasemin xx