How it all started...

As a teenager I always knew I would have a career in beauty and skincare.

Family and friends were always approaching me to have their beauty and skincare needs treated. 

After completing high school I completed a beauty therapy course, then landed a position at high end cosmetic and skincare companies. In my years of working in the beauty and skincare industries, I came across many individuals who were suffering from allergic reactions to the products. I always wondered what could be causing this and wondered if these products were actually safe.

I then began to research the common ingredients found in majority of beauty and skincare products we use on a daily basis. This independent research went on for years and I was astonished by the actual dangers of these ingredients to not only our skin but our health as well. 

During this time I remembered a trip I had to Turkey when I was 9 years old, where I stayed at my grandmothers house in the village. I still remember my first day there and my shock to learn that there was no common everyday products we use like shampoo and conditioner. In place of these items they had natural clays and natural oils which did the job. therefore, I began to also research the effectiveness and uses of all things Mother Nature for our skincare and beauty needs. 

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I then created formulas which I used myself and also provided samples for family and friends. I received amazing feedback. Aside from their skin looking great, they told me their skin conditions like eczema and rashes were healed. 

After testing and trialling for years, I created my own skincare line which is hand made in Australia using only certified organic ingredients that are locally sourced. Our products are free from toxic chemicals,100% natural and safe.


The name behind Mikash Skincare 

I am a mother of 3, Yasin is my angel baby in heaven, Mikhail is 7 years old and Aisha is 6 years old, wanting to keep it a family orientated business we came up with Mikash a combination of my children's names. Really I have to give credit to my husband Mikash was his idea.


with love, 

Yasemin xx